In Zapiens you can set two types of logos for your organization:

  1. Original logo: 

    • Visible at the top left side of the Administration Area

    • Visible in the footer of the emails you send through the Administration Area

    • Recommended image dimensions are: 275x50 pixels

  2. Vertical logo:

    • Visible at the top left of the App

    • Recommended image dimensions are: 70x70 pixels 

Note: We recommend the following image editing tool:

To set your organization's logos, follow these steps:

  1. At the top right of the Administration Area click on the "Drop-down arrow" button

  2. Click on the "Settings" option

  3. Under "General", in the section "Company logo"

    1. Click on the "Select" button

    2. Find the image on your PC and click on the "Open" button

    3. If you make a mistake when selecting the file, click on the “Update or "Delete" button to reselect

  4. Click on the "Save" button at the bottom right of the page

In Zapiens you can set two colours for your organization

  1. Main colorThis is the color associated with the Survey and Training cards in the App. To set it:

    1. Add an HTML color code preceded by #. For example, in the case of Zapiens our corporate colors are:

      • #372cc7

      • #08a0fe

  2. Zap color: This is the color associated with each area of the lower menu of the App when you access each one of them, and the circle around Zap

    The configuration is the same as in "Main Color".