What is a Segment?

How to create a Segment?


What is a Segment?


In Zapiens, segments allow you to gather the members of your organization according to certain characteristics. For example, Areas, Departments, Workplace, etc.


In the Knowledge Dashboard, segments provide quantitative and qualitative data about what is known and unknown in your organization. Therefore, it is very important to make a quality segmentation. 


Each segment has associated segment values. For example, within the Department segment, the values would be HR, Administration, Customer Service, etc. 


In Zapiens there are 3 types of segments:

  1. Visible Segment: Enables the "Visible" option in a segment. The corresponding value of this segment will be visible in each user's profile in the App 

  2. Multiple Segment: Enable the "Multiple" option if there are people in your organization who have several values associated with the same segment 

  3. Public/Private Segment: Enable the "Public" option if you need the segment and its values to appear in the App's rankings


Note: Before you create the users you must create the segments and segment values.


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How to create a segment?


After completing the Configuration of your company in Zapiens, the next important step is to think about which people in your organization are going to participate in trainings and what their characteristics are. This will help you to define the segmentation of the users in Zapiens. 


  1. In the left side menu, click on the "Users" area

  2. Click on the "Segments" section

  3. Click on the blue "Create segment" button

  4. Write the name of the segment

  5. Click on the "Save" button

  6. The new segment will appear in the segment list

  7. Click on any area of the left side menu or via the Segments > Edit Segment path at the top left to exit the creation process


Note: You can order the segment list if you need it:

  1. Click on the "Reorder" button at the bottom right of the segment list

  2. Click on a segment to select the row and move it up or down

  3. Drop the row in the position you have chosen 

  4. Click on the "Reordered" button at the bottom right of the list


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